.."The hypnobirthing classes have completely changed our mindset in approaching birth. This is our 3rd baby and we finally feel like we're not just informed but empowered. With the techniques we discussed with Megan, we feel confident to own our birth and birth on our terms"


..."We thoroughly enjoyed our Hypnobirthing class experience with Megan. It was very informative, and has given us the confidence and knowledge we wanted for our birth journey. It was very open, and safe – we could ask questions and feel like our feelings were acknowledged. Megan was delightful, very knowledgeable and we felt like we were in safe hands. The practical parts of the classes were fantastic, as some of the information could be overwhelming. It was calming and effective to practice. The partners were also made to feel so included which we thought was great, as it’s such an important journey for both mother and father. It was very positive, and now we feel better equipped for this journey. I can’t wait to practice the Hypnobirthing techniques when the time comes to birth our baby.  And the snacks were great, thanks Megan "


..."This course was very encouraging and supportive, especially with Megan being a midwife. Her examples and experiences could relate to the real environment and situations. I liked the small group class as we can ask questions and interact with each other more freely. Although it has only been 4 sessions, It feels like our little group is family already"


..."Megan's classes were very informative and made me feel empowered and excited for the birth. Before the classes I was always 100% that I would have an epidural and now I feel confident to try it on my own. I believe I can birth without an epidural now. I really look forward to birthing my baby"


..."The name hypnobirthing throws a lot of people off the first time they hear it, But I'm glad I came because I learn what I feel real birthing should be. It just feels human, natural and right. All hospitals in Australia/the world should do it this way"


..."Megan's Hypnobirthing classes have provided me with so much more knowledge, confidence and a natural/organic approach to what natural birth and labour should be about. I am empowered with so many tools and strategies to have a vaginal birth after 2 caesareans. I wish I had this with my first, I know the outcome would have been so different. I am so grateful for this course"


..."Our expectations were exceeded for the content, subject matter and delivery of the course. Even after two kids already I thought the classes were educational for new parents and parents who have a child/children already. The course was great to connect me with my wife during pregnancy. Overall a fantastic experience with great support from Megan. Massive value for money."

N. Stewart (dad)

..."I was a bit worried that it would be too out there for me, but it's like yoga for birthing. It gives you a good set of tools to approach birth. It empowers you about your birth and empowers partners to be a supportive part of the birth"


..."I liked the discussions around how the body was built to give birth and the classes provided practical techniques to help through the process. I feel a lot more prepared to help my wife during the labour and birth"


..."It's not hippie, it's about going in to your birth experience with a more positive frame of mind. I really liked the small group as it allows you to ask questions. The videos in this course allow you to see different kinds of birthing experiences and visualise what kind of birth you want. I felt more and more positive after each class"


..."Megan was a very friendly and knowledgeable facilitator. The classes were very informative and open and no question was too silly. As a dad, it really helped me to grasp how I can help during the labour by providing encouragement, creating a relaxing environment, music, massage, touch and more. Highly recommend!"


..."Andrew and I just wanted to say thank you again for your knowledge and guidance during the course. We are both feeling much more relaxed about pregnancy and birth in general and feel prepared for everything ahead. We have been listening to our tracks and are feeling pretty calm overall...The videos were very helpful and offered a good range of different births. Megan gave realistic and honest advice about many important aspects of labour and birth. We really liked that Megan was able to make the dads feel like they were a very important part of the birth of their babies as well. We also felt very empowered to make choices for ourselves, and now feel more comfortable to take more control of our birth experience. We gained so much from our hypnobirthing classes and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to feel calm and prepared for their birth. We learned a lot of the practical details of birthing as well as many strategies and techniques to use in the lead up to and during the birth. Megan really made us feel that our birth belonged to us, that we have choices and that we can create a space that works for us. She empowered us to find out more about the choices we have as well as preparing us for unforeseen circumstances in a calm manner. We had all our questions answered in an open and honest way and felt that Megan knew what she was talking about and wanted the best possible birth experience for us."

Nadine & Andrew

..."All expectations were met and exceeded. Other than alleviating stress, the class allowed me to truly look forward to my birthing day with excitement, not fear, and build the confidence that I can do this. It was very empowering...perhaps the most useful parts of the course were the more general discussions about my body - how it was made for this, how I should trust it, and let go of the fear. I had been wanting to sign up for Megan’s course for months - hypnobirthing is something I’ve always been interested in but things kept getting in the way and I was struggling to find the time to book it in. I was very aware that time was running out as I was well into my third trimester and knew I would need time to practice, so Megan ended up suggesting a private course in our home - which made life so easy for my husband and I. Not only could we complete the course in the comfort of our own home, but we knew that time was no longer an issue and my mind was put at ease knowing I would be able to sufficiently practice and prepare for labour and birth. I came into the session holding on to a lot of fear about childbirth - we had just completed our hospital classes and both my husband and I found them very confronting and quite intimidating. I didn’t realise how much fear I was holding on to until I felt it slowly subside throughout the hypnobirthing class. Thinking about the birthing day prior to the session I was so worried about the health of our child, about complications during birthing, thoughts of being induced or needing emergency c/section, about the pain of labour, and about not being able to ‘handle’ that pain and not being able to have the natural birth I so desperately hoped for. After completing the session with Megan, these fears were gone. The most valuable part of the session for me was in the confidence it gave me to trust my body. Megan went through all of the physiological factors that would show how my body truly was made for this, and the psychological factors by equipping me with skills to get into a deep state of relaxation to keep my mind, and body, strong. She took my husband and I through some guided meditations and relaxation techniques that I have been practising since and find that each time I practice, I get into a deeper state of relaxation and am feeling more and more prepared and excited. I also walked away from the session knowing that if things do not go as planned, that it will be okay. I feel like we will be as prepared as we can be, and whatever else happens on that day will simply need to happen to bring our baby into the world."


..."Thank you for such an awesome group and course, it’s certainly made us feel a lot more reassured and demystified a lot of things. I was at the hospital yesterday and they had lots of fitballs around and all the lights were dimmed and even some affirmations on the walls which is lovely to see. So we’re really looking forward to birthing there! Once again, thank you for all your help, it’s been invaluable."


..."We felt reassured and a lot more educated after the class. Though we knew it would be helpful, we didn’t think that it would be this educational and hands-on for us both. We would highly recommend it to anyone who is either having their first child, or who may have used lots of medical intervention and painkillers with their first child. It is not a preachy class that made us feel we needed to be converted and was more of a gentle introduction to alternative natural therapies that we have the choice to explore. What we also liked is that Megan made it clear that we mothers are not failures in the event that we need to use drugs or medical interventions, and that we need to be open to accept how our baby wants to come and greet the world."

Liz & Nick

..."We appreciate your warm and intuitive classes. I feel it has helped my wife and myself relax a lot more. Thanks again"




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